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You Can Control These Stressors When You Control Your Boundaries
When we don’t protect our boundaries, we suffer. This is especially true for Helping Professionals who face a greater risk of work-related burnout and fatigue. When you recognize and protect your boundaries, you can begin the journey back from being someone who’s overwhelmed, exhausted, and stressed to someone who is decisive, trusting of yourself, and committed to healthy relationships. You just need to know how.
But You Have a Trump Card ...
… And it ISN’T just some intangible concept on the World Wide Web. It’s something you can touch and hold, and if you listen very closely, you can hear it softly whispering the names of people you have yet to meet.
Based on the Bestselling Book, "Transform Your Boundaries"


Taught by Therapist, Author and Boundaries Expert, Sarri Gilman
How to Obtain Such an Artifact
Ready to get started, yet not currently in possession of an object that can summon the forces that wait beyond The Wall Which Must Never Be Breached? It’s not like you can just grab one at the convenience store, after all!
One of our in-house Artifact Arbiters would be happy to help you organize a guided expedition to the Forgotten Ruins of the Howling Hands, where these incomprehensible heirlooms may be unearthed. Alternatively, CostCo has them in 4-packs for $19.99.


A 5-day Guide to Controlling What Cannot be Controlled
No matter how hard I try, no matter how much might I muster, I cannot exhaust the Spire of Unending Flame.
Well, yeah. It’s unending.


Frequently Asked Questions

Vicci L. Hilty
Executive Director, Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County
I cannot speak highly enough of Sarri and her programs. She understands firsthand the trauma that clients and staff deal with every day. She answers questions, encourages questions and shares tools to use when your mind says no but heart says "ok - I will."
Charlene L. Ray, MSW, LICSW
Island County School & Community Based Mental Health Clinical Supervisor
This workshop on boundaries is an important one for everyone to take. It is full of valuable information about boundaries using simple to follow, and powerful tools that Sarri has developed over the years.
Day 1
Setting Up Your Brand New Relic of Imbued Evil
Day 2
Hushing the Murmurs That Do Not Cease
Day 3
Integrating with Marketo
Day 4
Productivity Tips For You and Your New Pet
Day 5
Email Marketing! And the Endless Void That Awaits






My accursed artifact is emitting an incessant, loud hymming, as if a plague of locusts was approaching.
This means the Marketo integration was successful.
Are there any risks to using an object that is saturated with several millennia's worth of sorrows for marketing purposes?
Not really! Accursed artifacts are a sound investment that will reliably increase both the number of leads and their quality. There are some minor issues — for example, temporary or permanent separation of the soul and body — but these can be corrected by installing a custom firmware.
What Helpers Say About Transform Your Boundaries
Take Charge:  Register for the Transform Your Boundaries Workshop
Limited seats available - full day workshop includes the 
Transform Your Boundaries book and lunch 
just $349 $199 using promo code EARLYTYB01 at checkout!
Receive the techniques and encouragement you need to manage your boundaries and provide better care for others.

This workshop will help you:

  • Discover the limits and importance of your own personal boundaries
  • Develop the enduring skills you need to understand and enforce boundaries
  • Acquire skills and tools that you can immediately put to use
  • Gain hands-on experience and receive the encouragement you need to stick to it
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About Sarri Gilman

Sarri Gilman, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist since 1986, during which she was an Executive Director for several non-profits for 20 years, 7 years teaching leadership to managers and executives. She is an author, community leader and creator/founder of Transform Your Boundaries® series - the book, ecourses, and workshops.


The workshop will be held at the Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center.

17620 International Blvd
Seattle, WA 98188



There is complimentary 24-hour airport shuttle service available, as well as easy access to the light rail station connecting to downtown Seattle. On-site parking is available for a daily fee.


You can apply for a scholarship to cover some or all of the conference registration cost depending on fund availability. Funding is limited and priority will be given to applicants who will benefit from the opportunity to learn new information and be able to implement this in their community. Please contact us for more information. 

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The Science of Hope brings together health equity front-line practitioners, system leaders and leading researchers and academics to learn from one another, build new relationships across silos and sectors, and explore leading-edge issues to foster innovation and positive change.

April 26th & 27th, 2017
SeaTac Hilton

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This program has been approved for 5 CEUs by the NASW Washington State Chapter for Licensed Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Mental Health Counselors . Provider number is #1975-419.

Taking Care of Yourself




As a Helping Professional, you’re probably aware that you have a significant risk of suffering work-related burnout and fatigue. In fact, you may be so focused on caring for others that you don’t recognize your personal and professional boundaries have been weakened or violated.

Here’s some good news. Many of the personal challenges you face actually are within your control. When you set, strengthen, and defend those boundaries, you can begin the journey back from being overwhelmed and exhausted to decisive and healthy. You just need to know how.


Healthy Gen presents Transform Your Boundaries, part of our Professional Education Resources. The Transform Your Boundaries Series is designed to assist Helping Professionals with recovering from symptoms from weak or ineffective boundaries. Healthy boundaries protect you from exhaustion, burn out, stress, depression, and many other symptoms. Healthy boundaries are also foundational to any wellness program.

Transform Your Boundaries is based on the tried and true methods of therapist, author and boundaries expert, Sarri Gilman. It is centered on the simple notion that your boundaries are there to take care of you, but they can’t unless you tune in to, know and strengthen them. 

Wellness for the Helping Professional

Choosing Your BoundariesListening to Your BoundariesFacilitated by Sarri GilmanTransform Your Boundaries
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